Who are we?


Dynamic Facility Designs, LLC (DFD) is a small, minority and woman owned, SDB firm established in 2007. We are 8a, DBE, LDBE, WOSB, EDWOSB, and SWAM certified. We serve both the Federal Government and private sector; specializing in Design Services, Move and Relocation Management Services, Furniture, Furnishing and Equipment Services, Construction Support Services and Staff Augmentation. Our design services extend to Architecture, Engineering, Interior Design, Design-build, Design/bid/Build, Integrated Project Delivery and Turn-key operation. Our diverse, multi-talented, and highly experienced professional staffs has been a crucial element of our success. Team members are organized, motivated, dedicated, detail oriented and customer focused. They take great pride in their work, assuring our design solutions meet client’s functional, physical, and aesthetic needs. We are confident our services will fully comply with applicable building standards, codes, security, and health, life safety and environmental regulations. Our company is committed to supporting clients’ critical missions including completing projects in a timely manner and within budget.

What we do?


DFD provides a wide range of interior architectural design, furniture, move/relocation management  and project management services to both the Federal Government and the private sector.  Team members specialize in commercial, corporate, educational, Government, hospitality, day care center, and institutional facilities.

What are our missions?

Provide design solutions that meet client’s functional, physical, and aesthetic needs. Ensure our services are fully compliant with applicable building standards, codes, security, and health, life safety and environmental regulations.

We are certified!

NAICS Codes:   518210, 541330, 541511, 541512, 541513, 541519, 541611, 541690, 561499, 561421, 541618, 561110, 561410, 541613, 811212, 541711, 511210, 541612, 517110, 541310, 541350, 541410, 541990, 561210, 561790, 484210, 493110, 493190

Contract # 47QSMA19D09NW:
SIN 712 2 – Assets Management
SIN 712 1 – Project Management (Furniture & Furnishings Related)
SIN 712 99 – Introduction of New Services Products
SIN 712 3 – Office Relocation / Reconfiguration Management Solutions
SIN 712 4 – Furniture Design / Layout.

Work directly with clients to assist them in conforming to budget for (a) Space Consolidation to comply with OMB 2013-02 “Freeze the Footprint” and Presidential Memorandum 2010, (b) Modernization/Tenant Alteration of existing space, (c) Program expansion or newly constructed space, (d) Forced Move, or (e) Emergency Relocation. Services include preparing program of requirements, space planning, DIDs, CD, furniture, fixture and equipment selections and specifications.

Our world-class services will meet or exceed client’s expectations. With our diverse experience, we are able to provide multi-faceted services that extend beyond simple customer requirements, but also achieve best value for the dollars spent, and are of unexcelled quality and provide the best design solutions – all in a timely manner

Projects finished on time 97%

sketchbookWe consider your business as our business. That’s why we always try our best to finish all contracts as soon as possible. Bad things sometimes happen but we can guarantee 97% contracts we take completed on time.

Competitive pricing 83%

cashWe also offer the best quality at the most competitive prices. We couldn’t say we have the lowest price in our business field, but we can say that we can give you the price which is less than 83% of our competitors can offer.

Effectiveness 100%

editorEvery employee in our company has been working hard to provide our customers the best service that they have never seen before. We understand only customers’ satisfaction bringing profit to us, thus it’s our top priority.

We also provide software & network solutions.

Our team have extensive experiences in providing computer software and database architecture design, development, testing, support, and performance assessment. Our team have supported and delivered software projects relevant to point of sales system (POS), electronic medical record system (EMR/EHR), enterprise resource planning system (ERP), learning management system (LMS), customer relationship management system (CRM), KIOSK, slot machine programming system, and military mobile field software application. We are specialize in software and database design and development, information system management, computer network security, digital signal processing, image processing, and statistical analysis.

compass_mArchitectural & Interior Design Services

Provide Schematic, Preliminary and Design Intent Drawings- Develop Construction Documents consisting of:
– – Architectural – Demolition and Construction Floor Plans , Elevation, Section, Finishes, Details, 3-D
– – Electrical and Telecommunications – Demolition and New Plans, Elevation and Details
– – Mechanical and Fire Protection Plans
– – Furniture – Demolition and New Plans, Schedules and Details, Finishes and Finishing Selections and Specifications.
– – Security Plans and Details
– – Specifications and Technical Data
– – Cost Estimates.
– – Quality Control Reviews

rollerComply with Fire Protection (NFPA), Life Safety (OSHA), Physical and technical security procedures and requirements, ADA compliance and UFAS requirements, GSA mandate space utilizations, AIA Master Spec (16 Divisions), Government Green – Regulations on recycling, EPA Guidelines and Federal Acquisition Regulations.

solution_mComprehensive Workplace Solutions

computerBesides Architectural and Engineering Services, DFD also specialize in CWSS providing collaborative multidiscipline approaches to developing, designing and providing turn-key projects with the best possible value solutions

– Building Analysis and Requirements Studies
– Spatial Data Validation
– Feasibility and Program Development Studies
– Integrated Workplace Planning and Workplace Research Tasks
– Strategic Project Planning
– Program of Requirements (POR) Developments
– Coordination of Programming and Design Processes
– Specialized Services
– Space Planning Services
– Inventory/Facility Documentation
– Interior Design Tasks
– Security and IT Telecommunications Requirements
– Master Project & Construction Schedules
– Furnishing Analysis & Procurement Planning
– Move Budget/Funding
– Occupancy Plans and Schedules
– Move Coordination & Relocation Services

moving_mReconfiguration – Relocation Management

browserDynamic Facility Designs has extensive experience in reconfiguration and/or relocation management. Team members have project experience that ranges from 1000 SF to over 250,000SF per floor. We support and service Modernization/Tenant Alteration of existing space, program expansion or newly constructed space and Consolidation, Forced Move, and Emergency Relocation projects. Our design solutions meet functional, physical, and aesthetic needs, comply with building standards, codes (local, state and federal, FPMR and CFR, ADA, OSHA, NFPA, etc.), health, life safety and security regulations, as well as budget requirements.

We plan, develop and implement systems that support the coordinated move of personnel and equipment. When requested, our team will coordinate and provide clear guidance to all the parties involved, including the project manager, respective program offices or end-users,
contractors, furniture dealers and installers, movers, GSA, and tele-communication, IT, safety and health, and security personnel. Our tracking system ensures smooth move operations and delivering systematic service with least disruption to the employees and their safety and health, and business operations.

planning_mComprehensive Planning Guide

check Identify the move date

check Clear understanding of the Scope of Work
—— Relocating to new facilities
—— New facility

check Identify the needs and expectations
—— Who is moving from and to where
—— Any changes or additional requirements
—— What is to be moved by

check Identify roles and responsibilities of all parties involves
—— In-house team: furniture installer, electrician, property protection/security personnel, telecommunications, network & computer personnel are going to make sure everything is safe and ready for shipping.

check Move date
—— Our porters and drivers ship everything to your new location.

Challenges faced by Federal Agencies

DFD fully understands the challenges Federal Agencies face due to Federal mandates:
— Agencies must reduced square footage to comply with Presidential Memorandum 2010, OMB Circulars M-11-11 and M-12-12, and HSPD-12 compliance.

As well as other challenges:
— Shrinking Agency budgets and workforces, changes in the Government’s mission, lease expiration and consolidations resulting in reconfigurations or relocations

toolThe services we provide are exceptional, as we are one of the few companies that fully understand federal design guidelines and regulations. We provide world-class interior architectural design and project management support to accomplish the Government’s mission. Our services provide a critical component in achieving this mission. With the shortage of highly qualified senior designers with a Government background, our company is fortunate to have designers with extensive first hand experience.

Challenges Approaches
Comply with mandate
– OMB Circular M-12-12, Section 3
– Presidential Memorandum 2010
– GSA’s Zero Environmental Footprints (ZEF)
— Reducing carbon footprint – Agency struggle with the development of workspace consolidation plans
— Agency not prepared or ready for the change. Afraid of push back
— Lack of funding
— Lack of resources
— Lack of planning
– OMB M-11-11
Key objective is to provide cost-effective, quality and flexible workplace designs that meet Agency’s missions.
Maximize space utilizations that promote effective and efficient workspace based on task.
Design space that improves productivity, i.e., free-flow layouts encourage collaboration and reduce workspace. Mix activities promotes “thinking outside the box”.
Promote Alternative Work Environments to reduce cost and optimize physical workspace
— Telework
— Hoteling stations and
— Desk sharing
Implement mobility with advanced technology (mobile and network)
Tight budget and schedule Provide cost effective and quality workspace that meets Agency’s mission requirements and in a timely manner.
— Space: Existing versus New
— Furniture
Develop effective and efficient space standards that meet the missions.
Develop new furniture designs and configurations based on Agency’s standard
— Physical Security requirements are frequently overlooked or omitted.
— Existing IT Infrastructure to remain or be upgraded
— Re-use existing Furniture
Incorporate physical security requirements during space planning.
Evaluate and recommend the most effective solutions
Ensure furniture is available on the market and perform assessments of existing furniture conditions.

Our Current Contracts

+ U.S. Department of Transportation-Federal Railroad Administration (DOT-FRA)
+ U.S. Patent and Trade Office (USPTO)
+ U.S. Department of the Navy, Navy Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) – Naval Support Activity (NAS)
+ Maryland Army National Guard (MDARNG)
+ Northern Virginia Community College
+ Defense Health Agency
+ County of Fairfax VA